Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Separating metafile processing from rendering in OutputDevice

The OutputDevice class is what we use for rendering a whole host of different things, and other classes inherit from it to do their rendering. Notably a little while ago Noel Grandin separated OutputDevice from Window, which is a huge boon for the codebase!

In an attempt to further separate the concerns of OutputDevice, I noticed a long time ago that not only does it do rendering, but it records actions in a metafile. These are two related and yet quite separate things. My goal is to shift out the rendering into a RenderContext class. I have already got a PoC on GitHub, which has already done much of the work, albeit in a messier way (basically it was a test to see if this was even feasible).  

Obviously migrating rendering functionality into its own class is not something to take lightly, so I have been writing smaller patches that test out the code. When I say "small", I really mean this. Currently I am testing out a bunch of code that sets state in OutputDevice, which can be found in the outdevstate topic branch in gerrit. 

Along with test the state functions of OutputDevice, I am also adding some tests to the bitmap functionality of OutputDevice. I recently landed a patch to move GetDownsampledBitmap() out of OutputDevice and into BitmapTools.cxx because it really didn't need to completely rely on OutputDevice. This bit of code will hopefully one day migrate it's way into the VCL backend modules. You can monitor the progress I'm making via the bitmap topic branch in gerrit. 

I have to say that writing tests is not always easy. Often there is no easy way of accessing the functions, especially if they are private, but luckily most of the functions are protected so I can at least write a mock class to expose these functions without having to modify the code.

Currently I have the following topic branches:

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