Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Note to myself

Check the following post for responses:

Update: While somewhat helpful, the MSFT didn't bother looking at my followup question and marked their own answer as the solution. Nice going.

New post to follow up on:

Well here's something new...

... a professional sound engineer switched using his Mac to another platform. "Why would anyone use Windows for sound?" I hear you say. Well, they don't. In fact he's switch to... Ubuntu Linux.

Check it out here:

Speaking of sound on Linux, I found a good Intro to this topic here:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Guaranteeing order in views

In SQL Server 2005, using the TOP 100 PERCENT clause with an ORDER BY xxx doesn't gurantee that the results will be ordered by xxx. See this article for more info.

So what to do?

I believe that you can use the following syntax:

create view guaranteedOrderView
select xxx, row_number() over (order by xxx) as OrderNo
from exampleTable

NOTE: I've not tested this assumption. One of the extremely smart developers at my work told me that the optimizer might well... optimize... out this order.